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We would like to announce changes in how the ASA licensing for Bare-boat Skipper and Competent crew certification will operate the next year 2021.

The ASA now requires a step between Modules  ASA101+ASA103. This is to ensure that the student has the requisite experience before proceeding on to a licensed Bare-boat Skipper.  Students and beginners are required to take the Crew certification modules and pass both exams with a score of 80% or more.  To then proceed to the next level students are required to sail a total of at least 500 nautical miles and have the miles certified in their logbooks by a licensed Skipper.

Once a student has logged the required miles he can apply for an ASA bare-boat  Skippers class. The Athens Sailing Academy is running the ASA 104 plus the ASA 105 classes together.  The school offers 2 classes designed to meet these new criteria.

  • Competent Crew Certification.

The school offers ASA 101+ASA 103 taught in a 1-week course. The certification will take you from novice to a competent crew member ale to help any skipper on day sails to offshore sailing. You will learn nautical terminology, points of sail, rules of the road, come to understand basic yacht systems as well as become a good helmsperson. Navigation and course-plotting are explained and you will be able to plot and enter courses on charts, as well as understand GPS navigation.

  • Bare-boat Skippers certification.

The school offers ASA 104+ASA 105 taught over a 10-day course. Once you have completed your initial 500 qualifying miles you will have a good amount of experience and be ready to progress to Skipper’s responsibility. The ASA 104 course will take you into more advanced topics of sailing.  You will learn about international sailing and the requirements of registration and Marine law. The course cover s advanced diagnosis of yacht systems from Plumbing problems to electrical and mechanical problems. We combine this course with the advanced navigation course ASA 105. This course covers all your requirements to master coastal navigation and get a feel for offshore and ocean navigation.