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Hello to every one,

The current Global pandemic has us all concerned for our safety and health.  Your countries government will have issued various conditions and restrictions to combat the Virus. Here in Greece, we have had a very successful response to the virus. The government put the country in house lockdown on March 15 and evening curfew on March 30.

The country has spent 8 weeks in a house/lockdown and will be starting to emerge from the restrictions on May 4. It will take a long time to restore most of the country’s economy. However, things will unlikely to be the same again. The government has issued a multi-stage plan to re-open the country and re-start tourism. So that you can make plans and figure out when it is best for you to join us here in Greece or to rebook your holiday, we will outline the government’s plans below.

It should be understood that all dates and plans are provisional and not guaranteed. All this can change should a new outbreak occur or any new/ increase with Covid19 virus infection rates happen.

  • May 4 – Initial restrictions are lifted. No more evening curfew. No more SMS permission to leave the house. Small stores to reopen. Limited public transport available. Government employees return to work. Office workers return to work. No person to move around the country without paper permission. Social distancing must be observed.
  • Before May 30. – Most Stores now open including malls and shopping centers. Public transport on a limited regular schedule. Large hotels to open after inspections for social distancing restriction inspections. Museums open.
  • Before mid-June. – Airport to re-open to limited flights from EU countries only. Exceptions will be Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, France; these countries will be reviewed as per their national restrictions form the end of June.
  • July – Some tourist hotels on the mainland to re-open after inspections for social distancing restriction inspections.
  • Mid-July – Domestic ferry services to reopen to some islands after inspections for social distancing restriction inspections. Some island to re-open with social distancing.
  • End of July some island harbors re-open to limited traffic. International flights to resume on a select country basis only.

These are the current plans from the government to slowly reopen the country. There are many more finite conditions attached to each main event that we have not gone into, so if you have a question please email us for more detailed clarification.