asa advanced sailing courses in greece

Our ASA Advanced sailing courses in Greece are designed to help you gain confidence in handling a larger yacht and put Miles in your Log Book.


Unless you are a full-time sailor, accumulating sea miles in your ASA/RYA logbook can be a long and expensive process. To progress to the next level sea miles are what count. Our ASA advanced sailing courses are designed to help you gain confidence in handling a larger yacht. They will enable you to sail in areas where the sun shines and there is no need for thermals and wet weather gear. Best of all, you get the chance to visit the Greek Islands and gain sea miles at the same time. In a week’s normal charter you cover a relatively short distance, spending a lot of time relaxing and swimming. With our Mile building cruises, you will undertake qualifying passages for your ASA/RYA certificates. Distances of over 60nm nonstop, as well as night sails, will be the order of the day. You will learn about sailing in a watch system, cooking at sea, and the fun of sailing in open waters. The trips have no official syllabus so you will be part of an active crew, working and living together. If you have an ASA/RYA skippers certificate then you will be given the chance to be responsible for the running of the yacht, under the supervision of the instructor.
K3 spin reaching

So who qualifies for Mile-builder Trips?

Actually just about anyone. Obviously, if you have an ASA/RYA certificate and want to gain more experience and sea miles then these cruises are ideal. But on the other hand, if you are an able-bodied individual with a sense of adventure and want to experience something a little different then this may also be for you too! About the only concern you will need to consider is if you get sea sick easily. These trips will be in open waters where the sea can get rough, and you will lose sight of land.


Students who have completed their ASA 104 can gain more sailing experience with Mile building cruises. Students can also Gain their ASA 105 ,106 certifications on these Mile building trips. While on these trips you will learn advanced sailing techniques, Hoist, and work with Spinnakers. You will be placed on a watch system and be sailing for as much as 30-40 hrs non-stop. You will visit distant Greek Islands where few tourists go, anchor in secluded bays. You will learn advanced navigation techniques, as well as watch keeping skills. As watch Skipper you will also learn about meteorology and destination planning. At the end of the trip, you will sit the 106 exams and earn the Coastal Skippers Certification.

    What to expect onboard Off-Shore

Life onboard during your course will reflect an active yacht while passage making. You will be paired off with another student and be a watch team. As such you will have daily duties and days off. ‘On’ watch teams will be responsible for the running of the yacht, both in setting up the yacht on deck as well as down below domestic chores. You will be required to cook and clean, as well as drop anchor and put away the yacht after a day’s sail.

    Typical daily routine.

The watch of the day, will need to be early risers, as breakfast is scheduled for 0800. Now that means whoever is designated ‘mother watch’ for the day is responsible for getting breakfast out and on the table as well as taking care of all domestic chores below deck.. Meanwhile the ‘deck watch’ has their hands full, getting the yacht ready to sail, planning the days sail and helping ‘mother’ with a quick run to the village bakery, getting the other students out of their bunks. Coordinating with the instructor about what he needs on deck made ready for the first class of the day.
First-class of the day is scheduled for 0900, every day. In most cases morning classes will continue to 1100. The classes will be a mixture of practical hands-on techniques and book learning. Once the morning classes are over, the yacht is ready for sea and departure from port. The rest of the day will be sailing and practicing your sailing skills. The evening will find you in a new port around 5 – 6 pm, after docking there will be a de-brief, a relaxing drink and the school day is over.

The overall concept is to introduce students to sailing quickly and gain confidence with intense practice on a smaller yacht before moving to a larger yacht and learning the skills that will allow you as a skipper to operate and navigate a charter yacht around the islands you will wish to visit. The offshore part of the school is designed to get you sailing between islands and navigating so that you have the confidence in finding out where you are. Learning sail trim and how to manage a sail plan and operate in different wind speeds as well as sea states is taught as you progress through your Off-shore sailing experience.

Students who successfully pass all exams will be qualified to operate a 40ft sailing yacht up to 25 miles away from land  and on all inland waterways both in the USA and Internationally. The ASA ‘Bare-boat Skippers license’ is an Internationally recognized qualification to operate a vessel power or sail for the purpose of recreation.

What’s included in your 1 week ASA 106 Class….

  •  A  private cabin on the yacht for the duration of the course. The yacht with all her sailing and safety equipment.
  • Full-time Instructor/ Captain.
  • All course materials, books, logbooks, examination fees, and ASA registration for a year.
  • All Linens, Towels, Blankets etc… (Beach Towels not included).
  • Harbor Fees, Marina Fees, Local taxes, Yacht Insurance, plus charter contract taxes.
  •  Cleaning Fee at the end of your charter