Taking time to sail is difficult in these times of work and family commitments. The ASA Sailing School has designed these sailing courses to give you the maximum from the days you may have available. Each course will include an ASA sailing school theory exam, as well as one or more ASA sailing school practical sailing exams. The training materials books etc are of the quality you would expect from a leader in sailing education. The school is based on Poros Island during the summer months, it’s here where we teach students how to sail.


The ASA sailing school now has most theory exams on line so that you can take the practice exams before you arrive at your training location. Or you can bring the books with you and study as you progress though the course. The course is broken down into 2 parts. The first 3 days you will be on the Island of Poros sailing and practicing drills on a smaller 30ft sailing yacht. The first exam is taken before you leave the island. The next week you will be sailing and cruising on a 57ft ketch around the Greek islands, learning and practicing your sailing skills.

Students who want to progress as quickly as possible have the following ‘Live aboard’ sailing courses.

Yacht Crew – ASA Course 101 + 103

Our basic sailing courses train a novice from no knowledge to a sailor who can tie knots, steer a sailing yacht, understand basic navigation and be a responsible crew member on a sea passage.

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