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Coastal sailing school

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The ‘Yacht Captain’ practical course is a challenging course designed for those who want to be able to skipper a yacht up to 17m in length in tidal & non-tidal waters in unfamiliar areas, by day and night, and in all types of weather. The course is designed in a 10 day and 14 day format.

The 10 day format is for students who already have their ‘Bare-boat skipper’ Certification (ASA 101–104) and require further instruction to obtain their ASA 106 credit.

The 14 day format is for students who have passed their ‘Yacht Crew’ certification ASA 101+103 and require instruction to obtain their ASA 104+106 certification.

In both cases the course will involve distance sailing, and acting as a skipper under the guide of your instructor.

Course Description:

Able to demonstrate the navigational theory required to safely navigate a sailing vessel in coastal or inland waters.  The objective of this program is to prepare the individual to act as the skipper of a sailing vessel in the 30 to 50 foot range in coastal waters in any condition. Educational objectives include heavy weather seamanship, sail changes, sea anchors, stability, fatigue, special anchor techniques, towing operations, groundings, engine trouble shooting and maintenance, lightning protection, dinghy towing and night time man overboard drill.

Topics include:

Trip Planning
Vessel Inspection
Weather Seamanship
Navigation Planning
USCG Regulations
Sailing Theory
Practical Application
Emergency Procedures
Courtesies & Customs
Boat Systems
Maintenance Procedure
Engineering Safety at sea


10 day course €1600 per person

14 day course €2200 per person