Yacht Crew – ASA Course 101 + 103

Sailing school Students

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Our basic sailing courses train a novice from no knowledge to a sailor who can tie knots, steer a sailing yacht, understand basic navigation and be a responsible crew member on a sea passage.

The sailing course is run over a 7 day period, 6 days instruction with a day off to relax. The ASA Yacht Crew course is designed to introduce the complete beginner to cruising and to teach them the skills to be a safe and useful crew member on a cruising yacht.

Course Description:

Demonstrated ability to skipper a sloop-rigged keelboat of approximately 20 to 27 feet in length by day in light to moderate winds and sea conditions. Knowledge of basic sailing terminology, parts and functions, helm commands, basic sail trim, points of sail, buoyage, seamanship and safety including basic navigation rules to avoid collisions and hazards. Auxiliary power operation is not required.

Material: Sailing Fundamentals by Gary Jobson

The course covers:

Sail Trim
Heave-to & Reefing
Balancing the Helm
Under Power, Confined Areas
Intermediate Knot Tying
Under SAIL, Confined Areas
Over-Board Recovery
Selecting an Anchorage
Minor Emergencies
Aids to Navigation
Navigation & Charts
Basic Boat Systems
Marine Weather Forecasts
Safety Equipment
Running aground & Recovery
Basic Anchoring
Right-of-Way Rules
Boat Inventory Checklist
VHF Radio Procedures
Docking Under Power
Chart & Symbols
Engine Failure Procedures
Dock Lines (Spring/Breast)
Steering Failure Procedures
Apparent vs. True Wind
The Ship’s Compass
Introduction to Fire Fighting
Boating Etiquette
Dinghy Operation
Use of Sound Signals
Sail Power Theory
Navigation Rules (1 – 19)

Price:  €1500 per person for a weeks instruction