About ASA Sailing school Greece

An English sailing school teaching sailing in the Greek islands.

About the ASA Sailing School Greece

The ASA Sailing school Greece exists to teach and help interested individuals how to sail. The areas in which we sail, the Argolis Saronic gulf and Cyclades offer excellent sailing conditions. The weather can vary from a placid force 3 to a much more exciting force 6. Its always sunny with clear blue skies and the water temperature in mid summer is very warm. All this makes the need for fleeces and wet weather gear redundant. The islands and ports that you will stop in are typically Greek and un-spoilt. You will find many deserted coves and bays where few yachts still go.

Learn to sail through our network of certified sailing schools with certified sailing instructors. Through our sailing classes, ASA will help you learn sailing, safely & with confidence. ASA Certified Students can go from basic sailing lessons to advanced sailing courses, enjoying sailing experiences around the world.
The Party Side of Sailing
Sailing is a team sport and as such encourages alot of interaction between individuals. You will work closely with other students and live together in confined spaces. Expect fun and laughter as you work and play together.

However do not expect the sort of luxury you might see on a cruise ship or a large glossy ‘Gin Palace” or for that matter a luxury sailing yacht. A sailing yacht is designed to sail and not live alongside a pier. Your cabins are moderate and the bathrooms are small. In most cases the best way to think about sailing is camping on the water in a more comfortable caravan or recreation vehicle.

If you can deal with this type living after a day of sailing your reward will be quiet anchorages, and deserted coves, endless beaches and clear seawater to swim in. You will visit new islands every day and experience the thrill of coming into port after a days sail to get to your destination.


Our backyard, Greece and the Greek Islands.

We are very fortunate to be located in one of the best locations in the world to sail. There are over 3500 islands surrounding Greece, of which over 1100 are inhabited. If you start to include the main land then the number of coves and bays becomes limitless. The sailing school uses all the islands as its destinations and teaching tools. Its a unique sailing paradise.
The area in which we teach is typically the Saronic and Argolic Gulfs. Here you will find moderate winds and calm seas. The island groups have beautiful islands and picturesque ports. You can still find coves and small secret bays where the tourists don't go. In the spring and fall we take the experienced students into the Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands chains.


Instructors and Tuition

The principal instructor has been sailing all his life. He has extensive racing and cruising experience and is an easy instructor to relate too. The other instructors are an international group of sailors who have amassed extensive knowledge of the Greek islands. We only employ fully qualified ASA instructors who can teach as well as sail

Captain Jonathan Chandler (The Head Instructor)
John has been sailing for most of his life. Coming from a long line of sailors, 3 generations of Royal Navy, he and his father built his first sailing dinghy when he was 7 years old, and has not looked back since then.

He is half-English and half-Greek, taking advantage of both worlds as he speaks fluent Greek. Having sailed in many parts of the world, over the years, John has thousands of sea miles logged. He spent his early twenties in the Royal Hong Kong Police as a Chief Inspector in charge of a Fast Patrol Launch. Here he patrolled the Islands of Hong Kong and along the Chinese coast. As a member of the Admirals cup Hong Kong sailing team in 1979, he competed in the Fatal Fastnet race that year.

Moving on to the USA John spent several years competing in Florida at such events like the S.O.R.C, Miami – Jamaica race, Antigua Race week, Annapolis – Bermuda Race. In his 30’s he became Captain of the Racing Maxi “Boomerang” and sailed the yacht around the world competing in the Maxi World Cup. Sailing across the Pacific and the Atlantic several times.

Capt. Lex Van de Post
Lex has been working for Athens Yacht Charter since he first passed his instructors exams. He came to Greece to learn how to sail. He passed all his ASA student exams and then decided to progress to his instructors rating. He is an example of following his dreams. He now runs classes in the summer. When he is not in Greece he is a Physical education teacher
in Holland. He teaches the middle school grade 7 – 10 year olds.

When he is not teaching, he plays national level handball and is in a first division team. Lex also enjoys biking and skating when the Dutch lakes freeze over.
Kosta is our winter yard manager. As of October he starts preping the yacht cradles and de-commissioning the yachts ready for haul out and parking in the boat yard. Once in place along with his crew they will winterize the yachts for the coming months.

Once all the winterization has been completed, he will sit down and go over the winter work list. These will be items on the various yachts that need up grading and repair as of the summer work. Larger projects will also be discussed pending funding. In the spring he gets to do the reverse and re launch all the fleet . This is after he has painted and polished all the yachts before launching them.

Our Office Manager (The real Boss)
Conny Keessen is Dutch and the office manager and general administrator for the company. Her knowledge of Greece and the travel industry helps many of our guests complete a memorable holiday. When she is not answering emails for the company, or helping clients you will find her working at her real job free lance Journalist.
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