Hi Everyone,

Well, here in Greece we were about to come out of a Lockdown that started in November when things became serious again. The Greek government is trying hard to curtail the virus and doing all that the medical experts advise. The problem is with the population. Everyone is suffering from COVID fatigue. The lockdown is strict, curfews in the evening 9 pm – 7am on weekdays and 6 pm – 7 am weekends. SMS requests to leave the house for basic tasks, like food shopping, exercise, bank business, and doctor’s visits.

The plan was to exit the lockdown end of February but infections increased and yesterday we had 2300 new infections, the Greek health system is starting to get overloaded. The lockdown has been extended to March 15 and will likely be further extended.

Meanwhile, the government is starting to think about the summer tourist season. The general consensus is that tourists will be allowed into the country only with a vaccination passport/ proof of vaccination. Of course, the overriding concern is the EU central government, who actually support the idea,

So what does this mean for you as a student of the school? Well, to come to Greece you will need a vaccination for sure. I would recommend that when you fly to the country avoid if possible connecting flights, (it keeps you away from people in airports). Obviously observe airline health protocols, face masks, etc… The school will help you with transfers once you arrive and get you to the yachts/school and help you return to the airport or continue with your vacation in Greece.

Please remember that we at the school are dedicated to helping you make this the best possible experience and safest holiday you can have.

Conny Keessen

Athens Sailing Academy

March 3 2021