Is this for you

Sail around the Greek islands.

Learn how to handle a large yacht.

Visit islands, small towns and secluded bays.

Is this for you

Is our school suitable for you?

All schools are different, and offer different teaching syllabuses. Schools also stream their students to different levels. For example the ASA is concerned with teaching safe recreational yachting. Their licenses are not designed for commercial use. Unlike the British equivalent the RYA that trains it’s students to a commercial level. Their courses are therefore much more detailed and harder to pass.

You will find ASA and other schools all over the world. Personal taste is an important factor is selecting an appropriate sailing area, but any future plans are also important.


What skills do you need to learn?

How much of a challenge do you want to face?

Some sailing areas will be better than others for obtaining experience in dealing with busy ports, others may have exceptional tidal ranges, or notoriously rocky shores.

All these are important factors to consider when thinking about a sailing school.

If you intend to sail in a particular area you may want to learn there so that you are taught relevant skills.

Remember that the conditions vary according to the season of the year.



The kind of person you are also will indicate which place you would like to sail in.

Are you sunny or a rainy person?

For example, our sailing school is based in Athens, Greece. Typically we do a 10 day skippers license that includes 3 days of just sailing a 25 foot yacht up and down some of the best bays in Greece. For some this may be boring, so we culminate with a 6 day cruise on a 57ft training yacht around the Greek islands and you will learn how to handle a much larger yacht. During this time the yacht will visit islands and small towns, and will anchor in bays for lunchtime swimming.


One has to understand that sailing is very informal and laid back so anyone with a prudish sense of shyness will not be comfortable sailing or living in confined quarters. There are showers in the ‘heads’ (bathrooms) and on the swimming platform.

Next to no marinas exist in the greek islands and facilities like showers on the shore are rare. All this is made up for by the weather that allows for 280 days of sunshine a year. It also makes for hot summers and uncomfortable sleeping quarters in the summer, which means sleep on deck.

Quite honestly if its for you; you will know immediately you land in Greece. Otherwise do not consider it, too many people with little experience have a sense of sailing in the Greek islands with champagne and calm cool breezes blowing in their hair, it’s not like that at all.

But, if you have a sense of adventure, sailing in the Greek islands will certainly be for you.