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The Advanced Sailing course is for you if you already have a Valid ASA Bare Boat Skippers License, and want to gain more knowledge and experience for chartering yachts bareboat. The course builds on your existing knowledge and gives you additional skills, in Navigation and builds on your Organization Skills for Coastal Skipper. It introduces you to Night sailing and long passage making

Typically on a one week course, you will embark on an offshore passage and be required to organize and plan the trip. This will involve the navigation from the start Port of Poros and returning back to Poros a week later. You will need to plan for night sailing and watchkeeping as well as organize provisioning, weather, fuel concerns, and water consumption

This course will equip you to act as skipper on a charter yacht anywhere in the world. It will also give you valuable pre-charter information such as what to check on your yacht before you leave and what to expect when you return.

Are you likely to sail with just two adults on board? Or with inexperienced friends or family? If so, you need to feel confident that you can handle the yacht and crew with little assistance. This course will give you the skills you’ll need.

What You’ll Learn

In addition to refreshing your Bareboat Skippers License techniques the course will cover:


  • Advanced mooring techniques. Space development in busy harbors.
  • Advanced anchoring. Use of long lines ashore in bays
  • Cruising Chute/Spinnaker rigging and deployment and drop
  • Rig tuning and technical knowledge
  • Advanced VHF Radio Use
  • Pre Boat chartering advise. Agreements, insurance and what to check
  • Passage making, and long-distance Sailing
  • Knowledge of Watch systems
  • Night sailing and lights and night singles.
  • Navigation. Use of equipment available. Shaping a trip including weather constraints
  • Short-handed sailing techniques




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