Yacht Race Training




Yacht racing has for a long time been a sport that has challenged the masses. For many years it has been the sport of the rich and famous. Amongst the different types of sailing opportunities we like to offer our clients, is the chance to crew on a large Racing Yacht. Today it is possible to charter a fully equipped race yacht and go racing.

We have a selection of yachts that fit these specfic criteria. If you are a club racer and wish to race in local coastal race we have an Elan 35 (2012) that will quickly take you to the front of the fleet.
Alternatively we can also take you offshore with our 55 ft IOR performance ketch. This is a real sailors yacht with two masts and a sail inventory that will have any 12 man crew working hard to get the best out of this very competative off shore racer.

Finally we can offer the oppurtunity for expereinced crew to charter our WHITBREAD 60. This is the old “Yamaha” that won the around the world race in 1989 and has been radically simplified to make her easy for a short handed crew (12), to race her off shore. Experince the thrill of sailing at 25 knots, and the hurt of the water as it hits you on this superfast racing machine. Spirit is available by enquiry only.


The greek islands offer excellent winds in the summer and the Cyclades islands offer us the oppurtunity to run advanced sailing schools for sailors that want to learn and improve on thier race sailing skills. Racing on a yacht involves the understanding of many different sails and how to hoist and lower them, as well trimming them in high winds.

The school can work with your yacht club or racing crew to improve your skills and introduce you to new concepts that will readily apply to your race course at home.


A race crew is only as good as its leader. Our leader at the school is JC, (Jon Chandler), a very well qualified professional racer from the years of 1980 though till 2000. He has captained Maxi racers, sailed the Whitbread, and worked as a sailmaker designer, for lofts like Hoods and Doyle and North. His mentors included Grant Dalton, Paul Cayard, Robbie Doyle, Tom Widden, and Ted Turner just to name a few…¬†As your instructor he will show you the latest and safest way to handle your take down, and help you with techinque and training when you want to gain those precious seconds in a tack. Any crew that has done a 7 day training week with him has gone on to improve there standing back at thier home yacht club.
The school has a series of programs during the year available for race crews and for sailing yacht clubs. You are welocme to enquire about our 7 day Race training week, as well as see if you can join as crew on one of the years yachting events here in Greece.

Contact us for details and our full race program.

We are happy to talk to you about designing a program just for your yacht or club.