Build your experience with professional instructors teaching sailing courses.

Learn what's it's like to live on a yacht.

Or, simply enjoy relaxing sailing school holiday.

Yacht Race Training

The school can work with your yacht club or racing crew to improve your skills and introduce you to new concepts that will readily apply to your race course at home.

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Private Sailing School in the Greek Islands

Private Sailing School is a good way for couples and families to learn sailing at their own speed. With a private instructor you will always have the one on one attention that personnel teaching can offer. This type of class is good for families who are looking for a sailing vacation while learning how to sail at the same time. Sailing the islands and learning to sail is a great way to spend your time in the Greek Islands.

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Sailing School Holidays – Greek Islands

Sailing School Holidays can be tailor designed around the Greek Islands for you, with all the goodies included: skipper, hostess, luxury yacht, shore side entertainment. A few days at sea, with an extended stay in Athens to see the ancient city or a classic seaside beach and island combination. We now can offer wine tours around various vine yards in the Southern Peloponnese were you can sample some of the new Greek wines now becoming famous world wide.

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