Learn, live to sail offshore on Koralia 3

Koralia 3 is a big comfortable boat, similar to those that you would charter around the world. The yacht is well equipped for your comfort and learning experience. Yachts in the Aegean tend to be a little bigger than those found in Northern Europe, basically because they handle the short Mediterranean sea better and remain cooler in the warm Greek summers.

Our Yacht goes though a strict inspection every 2 years, the Hellenic Shipping Ministry certifies our yacht for professional offshore sailing. It is equipped with all the latest navigation equipment and safety gear for use both night and day. It carries GPS Plotter, EPIRB, GDMSS radio and much more.

This 54 foot Jeanneau racing ketch is a favorite among yachtsmen for sport sailing, as well as for leisure sailing.


KORALIA3 was built in the French yard of Jeanneau 1989. She is a custom design by the French naval architect Guy Ribadeau-Dumas. He designed her to be a comfortable performance cruising yacht, that could also offer excellent charter qualities. Her interior layout features 3 large guest cabins, a spacious salon with wrap around deck house style windows. This creates a large bright area where guests can relax in comfort on the leather couches.


Small Teaching Yacht

Over the years we have found that peoples confidence in sailing varies at the beginning. Some enjoy the sensation of tipping, others have a strong fear of it. On larger yachts this can be quite something and could distress a student a lot. So we decided to have a 3 day introduction to sailing before you are taken out on the main teaching yacht.


The small yachts are Jeanneau 30 and 32 based here on Poros and we share the use of them with another sailing school. The little jeanneaus have a good sized cockpit with a simple uncluttered deck layout. They are responsive to sail and offer the student a good chance to practice tacking and gybing before doing the same on a 57ft yacht.

The 3 days are normally spent with the first day doing basic sailing maneuvers, the second, each student is given the chance to steer and ‘call the shots’ while on the wheel. Finally the last day is when you will practice your motoring skills and though M.O.B. You will also get a chance to practice med mooring on the piers around.

After the third day you will set off on the main teaching yacht for offshore sailing practice.