Private Sailing School in the Greek Islands




Private Sailing school is a good way for couples and families to learn sailing at their own speed.

Private Sailing School means you have your own teaching yacht and do not have to share with strangers. It also means that you have your own dedicated instructor. The instructor sleeps on board the yacht as they are responsible for the safety of the yacht and your party. As a rule instructors are also the best at discretion and keeping secrets.

We take children of any age on a private sailing course – and we have had them as young as new born’s to fully grown. Organizing family cruises where the whole family takes a selection of qualifications is a great example of using the private instruction option to fulfill that perfect family vacation. Those of 10 years and over can take an ASA course.

We recommend taking your course over 10 days rather than 7, to have a more relaxed pace which gives the children more time for swimming and relaxing.

It is possible to have children on board when mum and/or dad take their Bare Boat Skipper course, but this is a little more difficult as the course is more intensive.

Minimum Students

Normally two people is the minimum that we can take on a private course but we can run a course for just one person if you take one of our qualified staff on board to crew for you in addition to your instructor.